Monday, January 4, 2016

Slashing the Stash

Baby Surprise Jacket
January 2016
Dee (Tangled Up in Sticks and String) has challenged herself to Slash the Stash in 2016. I've decided its a great idea and have begun the slashing of my own stash.

The first project was the Thrifty Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) posted last week, and since the pattern was out, I grabbed two skeins of Noro Kirara that I purchased years ago, and cast on another BSJ on smaller needles.

I had previously used the Noro to cast on a scarf, but it just didn't look right, and so the knitting stalled for months. I frogged the scarf (I only had about 6 inches done) and balled the yarn, waiting for the perfect project. I think it is very happy becoming a BSJ.

With any luck, this BSJ will be finished by the end of the week. If I have enough yarn, I will add a collar.

    Noro Kirara (51% wool, 29% cotton, 10% silk, and 10% angora)

    size 6 US


  1. I loved the BSJ so much that I purchased the adult version too.

  2. Oh Oh I LOVE it. I am just knitting squares out of leftovers for donation.

  3. Yeah for destashing!! A great way to start out 2016.

  4. The colors of your little jacket are beautiful. I can imagine a sweet little baby in those bright colors. Please let us see it finished!

  5. You are killin' the stash ......whereas I just added to mine. I think maybe I don't understand slashing. LOL

    Love the colors in the Baby Surprise! Looks great!

  6. Gorgeous colors. You are a busy gal!


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