Friday, January 1, 2016

Foreign Friday

Nancy S.
Misawa AFB Air Festival
Misawa, Japan
Fall 1979
Every year, the base was opened to the public for an Air Festival, and community members and those who lived on base flocked to the flight line to see the planes on display and to marvel at the pilots' skills as they flew in formation.

An earlier post on the Festival can be seen here.


  1. I used to live near the Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Air Show weekend was a BIG DEAL in my town.

    In 1976 we had the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, and Snowbirds all at the same show. It was AWESOME!!!!!

    There are some really good airshows here in Central Florida. The Tico Warbird Show and the Lakeland Sun 'n Fun are two of the best.

  2. We live in Glenview and the Glenview Naval Air Base was a huge part of our town for years. Now Closed. It was transformed into a shopping place and townhome, golf courses and movie theatres

  3. I love your foreign friday posts! I once went to an air show by the German air force when I was a little kid and I was so impressed by how airplanes can fly in formation.

  4. Air shows are pretty spectacular. Too bad we don't have yearly opportunities around here to see a good air show.

  5. Enjoyed the fly over of the stealth bomber over the Rose Bowl tonight. Well, and the morning as it did a fly over the Rose Parade. My big question is what did it do between the morning and the afternoon? Land somewhere? Fly a lot? Just curious.

  6. The Blue Angels come here in August for Seafair. Fun! But I imagine it was quite different in the seventies? Happy New Year!

  7. I love airshows. There is a small airport here that has a show and all the planes are on display for a close look when they aren't flying. I like the older planes.

  8. When I lived in Columbus, OH I visited the US Air Force Museum in Dayton several times. Wonderful facility.


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