Redcliffe City Socks

Redcliffe City Sock
August 2022

As soon as the toe was grafted on Sunday afternoon, I cast on the second sock. I hope to have this pair finished by the end of the month if life cooperates. 

This ball of Perth yarn is very splitty and is not particularly enjoyable to knit. I'm ready to work with a softer and more knit-friendly yarn for my next project.


  1. The yarn made a nice sock though. Pretty soon we'll be needing our warm socks (I hope!). LOL

  2. Splitty yarn is no fun to work with but the socks sure are pretty!

  3. It will be especially satisfying to finish this project since the yarn is difficult to work with. Very pretty colors!

  4. That looks like a nice sturdy sock. They are always the first ones I grab when it's cold. Sorry about the naughty yarn. I am finding Knit Pick's Swish a bit splitty too which was a surprise.

  5. Sorry the yarn has been splitty - no fun...but it sure did knit up in a pretty way! No second sock syndrome for you!

  6. It's amazing how much the quality of the yarn can affect the process. I bet they will be very tough socks though. They certainly are pretty.

  7. Isn't it funny how much the kind of and feel of the yarn affects how much you enjoy the process. Love the sock though. It looks sturdy and warm.

  8. Splitty but wonderful color. And it looks so soft. How are you doing using up yarn balls up?


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