Letting Go

tap shoes - circa 1974
September 2021

Sometimes it's difficult to let go of the past. For me, it was a pair of scuffed tap shoes. 

When I was teaching in Wheatland in the 1970s, I enrolled in a beginning tap class for fun. The class had about ten students - all adults. None of us had ever tapped, and we had a great time learning the various steps. It was difficult to find a place to hold the class because the custodians were not too keen on having their waxed floors scratched by tap shoes. We never performed for an audience, but each week we danced during the hour long class. 

I never mastered the art of tap, but I now appreciate those who have. I still remember a few of the steps, but I'm not as light on my feet as I once was, and my knees would not be happy with me if I even tried to tap. 

Recently I went through my closet to clear out items simply taking up space, and I unearthed the bag containing the scuffed, patent leather tap shoes from my "youth." It was time to let them go. 

I placed them in the donation box, hoping they will find a young woman eager to dance. 


  1. Ahh Nancy this was such a sweet memory and I too hope they find a good home.

  2. That is a "bucket list" type of experience! I have a hard time letting go of things too.

  3. I know what you mean....the memory itself stays in better condition than the item we cling to most of the time! Nice post.

  4. I enjoyed hearing about your tap class. I've always admired people who can dance. I'm clumsy and always have been. No dancing for me.
    I learned to let go of a LOT of things last year. Now what I have makes me very happy.

  5. How cool! I always thought tap dancing lessons would be fun.

  6. What a fun memory for you Nancy! Tap Dancing is not anything I have ever tried.

  7. It is so hard to give up some things that were a part of us from a time long ago. I have the same issues here. I need to get over it too and part with some of the things I have from my ice skating days. I am never going to squeeze myself in any of those costumes again. Well...maybe the giant shark one...lol.

  8. Oh such fun - I have always wanted to learn tap. I found a lady in our area who taught adult beginner, but it was right before we decided to move. I'll have to look around out here.

  9. What a post. And wow what an insight in a fun experience in your life. I took tap dancing in first grade. I have a memory of a photo of me in the dress/ costume before a recital. But I also have a memory of spraining my ankle and not performing in the recital. Fast forward a couple of years to ballet lessons. I did participate in several recitals. And I can remember how excited I was that I made it to toe shoes. With the next family move all my dance lessons ended. No recollection of why. Do you currently take any classes? Yoga, motion, strength classes, Tai Chi?

  10. Good on you for trying tap dancing as an adult, that must have been fun! I know what you mean about not being as light on on feet as in earlier years. These day, feet, knees, hips and back are all conspiring against us!

  11. I have always wanted to learn to tap dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I still have my ballet shoes from a college UW class. I was such a klutz in ballet class. The rest of the girls had been on toe shoes for quite some time.
    When the teacher would ask for volunteers, I was the only one who raised my hand. She would then ask, "Anyone else?"

  12. I tried too . .It was difficuIt! I 1ove to watch anyone tap dance. Now i have to go find someone

  13. We know siblings that tap dance...it is awesome! Sorry you had to part with them:)

  14. It's hard to let go of those type of things.

    For me it was 3 things --- first was my pointe shoes. By age 25 I realized I just wasn't going to be doing that anymore. My feet thanked me.

    Then it was my ice skates. Living in Florida for so long, I didn't have much use for them. They were at my Mom's and she gave them away. I was pretty annoyed at the time ........those buggers were EXPENSIVE! But, she was right to do it. I did skate one or two times with the kids. My knees were very happy to never see ice skates after that. (I had a pretty nasty fall and my knees took the hit.)

    The last was my inline skates ...........................that still doesn't sit well with me. I miss skating. A friend and I did 20 - 30 miles a week. I gave them to Goodwill when we moved to Jacksonville and I didn't have a good place to skate.

    The reality is . . . *almost* 66 just can't do what 20 did. It can't even do what 55 did. LOL

    I hope you tap shoes and my skates found someone who would love them as much as we did.

  15. I so wanted to do tap dance when I was a girl, but my mother thought it wasn't classy, so I did ballet instead.


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