Lone Rider - Mystery Solved

Lone Rider mystery quilt
63 x 80 inches
Quilt of Valor #169
Alycia's mystery (Lone Rider) wrapped up last Wednesday when the last clue was released. I changed the final layout a bit, turning four of the on-point squares into pinwheels, to add some visual interest.

image from Alycia Quilts
Lone Rider - clue #5
This quilt is larger than the ones I typically make for Quilts of Valor - I'll prepare a wide back for it this week.

Finished quilt tops are hung by the patio door so I can enjoy them for a couple of days and are wrapped with the backing and binding.

I fixed the flipped blocks soon after they were drawn to my attention. (Thanks, Regan!)


  1. I like the change you made. It does make a more interesting appearance.

  2. You outdid yourself! This is a stunning quilt! I like the pinwheels-it adds a lot of movement to the layout!

  3. Oh, my......it's a big beauty!!!! It's just spectacular.

  4. What a fun variation! I wanted to join in on this one, but life has been keeping me away from sewing of any kind. I love Irish Chain quilts and your pinwheels really make this one shine!

  5. You have such a good eye for quilts and the change makes all the difference.

  6. I love your version even more than the original. Those pinwheels make it sing. Beautiful job!!

  7. So pretty Nancy. The change you made is perfect. It adds so much movement to the quilt. Your hanging solution is very imaginative. Now, why don't I think "outside of the box" more?

  8. I LOVE this one. I think your pinwheel adaptation is stunning!

  9. Another great QOV, and I love your idea to hang them up to enjoy for a few days before they go away to be quilted!

  10. I like your version! I love it hanging on the wall like art!

  11. Hi Nancy! I love this quilt! But is it too late to fix the 4-patch blocks on the far left towards the bottom....they got flipped! Don't know if you noticed or not....thought I should mention it before it goes to the quilter. Big hugs! Regan

    1. Thank you, I did not see that flipped block! The seam ripper will get a workout tonight.

  12. Glad someone noticed the flipped blocks. I'm late to reading blogs but did notice it. I really like the pinwheels -- they do add interest and motion in the quilt. You've done a great job.


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