Monday, January 2, 2017

Picot Dot Wrap #2

Picot Dot wrap #2
December 2016
The last week of 2016 was spent in feverish knitting to complete this shawl. I usually challenge myself to finish an on-going project before the end of the year.

You may remember that I purchased a Picot Dot Wrap kit in Denver. What I didn't know at the time was that the kit included enough yarn to make two shawls. I was skeptical, but weighed the yarn before starting and realized it might be possible. In the end, I had to supplement the black with a bit of black sock yarn, and the bind-off edge needed the scraps from the Project Peace Cowl.

attached i-cord edging
Knowing I would be short of yarn, I reduced the final border section and bound off with an attached i-cord. The last band of black was knit with the scrap black sock yarn and part of the i-cord was done with the Project Peace Cowl scraps.

picot edge on the original shawl
The two shawls are similar yet very different.  . .

Picot Dot Wraps #1 and #2
The kit directions noted that the background yarn for first shawl would be the feature yarn on the second shawl. Thus, the two shawls have a totally different look.

back view of Picot Dot Wraps #2 and #1
Personally, I like the look of the second shawl: I like how the brightly colored yarn was tamed a bit by the background color.

Which version do you prefer?


  1. Wow that is amazing! I like them both:) no favorite.

  2. Both are lovely but I like the one with more blue showing.

  3. They are both so beautiful, but I think I prefer the quiet softness of the one on the left!

  4. Well done Nancy. WOW. I'd wear the quieter one more, but I love the colors of the other. Im already looking for color now that Snow time and cloudy days are here! And they are here to stay for a few months. You are a very good knitter my friend.

  5. They are BOTH gorgeous, but I think 1 is my favorite of the two. You do beautiful work.

  6. LOVE THEM!!... Both are beautiful... but I'm pulled towards no 1....but then I'm think more clothes would go with 2

  7. While both are gorgeous, I think I like the lighter look of the first one!

  8. They are both absolutely lovely, Nancy and I could see both of them becoming favorites. I would probably wear the more colorful one more because I wear a lot of denim and I love black, but I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite. You are off to a lovely start for the new year!

  9. I like both but prefer the plain edge to the picot edge. I love this shawl!!

  10. They are both so pretty but if I were forc d to chose it would be the one with more blues and reds. It would be a difficult choice though.

  11. I love this pattern! I am drawn to the one on the left but only just a bit more.

  12. Um, hard to make a decision, really it is. Maybe the brighter one on the right. Not starting another project right now -- I have two sweaters I'd like to finish. One is a sleeve and a half and a partial front away from finishing. That's going to be my go to project for a while. Hoping I don't run out of yarn since it was a kit from the 80's.

  13. Love them both! Good job squeezing out the second one.

  14. I like the first one, but they are both beautiful!

  15. I like the #1 (blue/red) color, but they are both beautiful


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