Sunday, January 29, 2017

Immigrant Legacy

Both my maternal and paternal grandparents were immigrants. They became productive members of the American society, learned the language from their children who learned it at school, and became American citizens. They had strong work ethics which they passed on to their children. Their descendants served in the military and worked in white collar and blue collar jobs. They were proud to call America home.

Today's immigrants are no different - they want a better life, and they want their children to have a better life. America should not discriminate on those who want to start a new life, attend school, or have their family here. Today's immigrants or their descendants may become inventors, doctors, nurses, teachers, professors, farmers, business owners, etc. By turning them away, America is denying their dreams and possibly America's own prosperity. 

Update: This issue is not about illegal immigrants, it is about those who have already been vetted, issued green cards an/or visa. Many of the individuals who have bee denied entry for "extreme vetting" have already been vetted and have already been in America. Many currently have jobs or are students and researchers at various universities. If you support the Executive Order have you considered that other world leaders called the White House to educate the President and his staff about the Geneva Convention? Have you considered if you leave the country, that YOU may be denied entry? 


  1. My parents immigrated, with my 2 sisters, in 1950. I was their first American born child. They worked hard and were prosperous and loved this country. They did come here legally. Our youngest child is engaged to someone who's family also immigrated 10 years ago. It took them many years but they entered legally. I am 100 percent for legal immigration. It s unfair for those that wait many years and then allow illegal immigrants to enter before them. Patty Mc

  2. I agree that our American heritage is bound up in immigration. Both sides of my family were also immigrants. Legal immigrants. I think that is the important thing. My grandparents considered it their duty to become Americans in every sense of the word by learning the language, working, and becoming self sufficient citizens in every way possible. I would hope that will never change and this is but a small blip on our history.

  3. Beautifully written post, Nancy!

  4. Legal Immigrants are great! My Great Grandparents came into this country too! The illegals should not be allowed.
    Recently two young girls in a group home in Detroit Lakes were raped, the men were refugees from Somalia, their background checks came back okay because they had not been in the country long enough. I think we need some limits in place to protect everyone:)

  5. This is a wonderful post!

    I don't know anyone who doesn't fear terrorism. I don't know anyone who wants dangerous people to take over the world. But with the vetting already in place for immigrants coming to the US, those are not the people who are coming here. I am embarrassed at my country and its policies right now.

  6. My paternal grandparents were also immigrants and I still find today that immigrants are the hardest working people I know - they come here for a better life and they aren't afraid to work hard for it. I am also distressed about recent actions against them.

  7. Not only were my parents immigrants, but I am one as well. There is no doubt that immigrants have added to, and built, much of this country, but I simply cannot lump all immigrants together. I'm all for legal immigration, but where I live, we have a huge problem with illegal immigration.

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