Monday, January 30, 2017

Winter's Work

Sixteen inches of fluffy snow
from two storms
taken January 2, 2017
Winter has been busy in central Wyoming - three back to back storms have dumped large quantities of the white stuff: 29 inches since Christmas Day. The latest storm dropped 9 - 10 inches, a record amount of snow for January. Typically, the snowiest month is March, so there is more to come.

taken January 23, 2017
Winter's work kept me busy - shoveling and shoveling.

taken January 24, 2017
I hated to leave the piles in the street, but I needed to clear a path to get out of my driveway. 

street looking toward my house
taken January 24, 2017
Riverton is a small town (10,000 population) and has a small snow removal budget. The city plows the main streets in town, but leaves the neighborhoods to fend for themselves. Needless to say, I didn't venture out much a couple of days after the storms.

A seventeen hour power outage (January 7, 2017 - January 8, 2017) in-between storms made life even more interesting, but thanks to the linemen who had to endure winter's wrath to restore power, I am now cozy in a warm home.

What have I been doing other than shoveling snow? I've been sewing, knitting, listening to audiobooks, and watching Netflix. My winter's work is definitely more appealing to me than Mother Nature's variety.
sewing Tavern Blues' blocks  and watching NCIS
 in the warmth of my house.
January 2017


  1. Nancy, I have been extremely homesick for Wyoming lately, and your snow! Here in NC, my grass has been the greenest in January than any other month of the year, and our a/c has run several times. I love your snow photos, even though I realize that shoveling a driveway is not much fun! xo Tammy

  2. Yikes, that is a lot of snow! Reminds me of being in Vermont in the winter -- I can remember the snow being above my head on either side of the walk from the street to my Grandmother's house. Glad you are cozy in your home and I know you have plenty to keep you busy!!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of snow for a city to NOT remove. Mitchell is only about 15,000 but we have great snow removal here. Even when we lived in Artesian - population 150 - we had streets plowed. That must be very frustrating. Stay warm!

  4. Brrrr!!! Stay toastie!!! Looks like you have a wonderful project in the works!

  5. We haven't had one flake of snow this year. On the one hand, I'm disappointed, because I love snow (but not ice), on the other hand, since I'm on crutches at the moment, I'm grateful it hasn't showed up. Our street is too narrow for plows, so even though the city does plow most streets, we're always on our own.

    Your Winter's Work looks and sounds so cozy ... makes me wish I was there.

  6. Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Do you have a fireplace to keep warm when the power is out?

    One thing good you can say about winter's wrath . . . it leaves plenty of time for crafting.

    I loved seeing the photo of your house. For some reason, I pictured you living way out in the woods. Your house is in a tidy little neighborhood. It's an adorable house!

  7. Looks a lot like Spokane! And more snow is on its way tonight. Our residential streets have been plowed once so far this year. And that's when I managed to fall and break my back clearing that. Stay warm and cozy and enjoy your winter crafts. Blessings, Betsy

  8. Nancy your home is lovely! Im so sorry you have had SO much shoveling work to do. I wish we have had a bit more snow. I so prefer it to rain. This weekend we have a U.S. Snowsculpting competition in town. Im sure it will remind you of Japan!!!

  9. You are really good at snow clearing. It looks great! Nothing is better than sewing and listening to a good book while the wind howls outside. I'll have to try watching Netflix and sewing.

  10. It has been a part time job here too, not one I really like either :(

  11. I am a fellow stashbuster. My sister lives in Riverton also. She is an administrator at the hospital. How weird is that? I live in Virginia. I don't know how you all deal with that much cold and snow!

  12. Wow! That is a lot of snow. Glad you're staying warm.


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