Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mysterious Gift

Worlds Without End
by Greg Olsen
When a flat package arrived in the mail, I was puzzled because I hadn't ordered anything. I'll admit that I had checked out the website a couple of weeks before that, but my finger didn't hit the "Order" button - not yet. I planned to order after Christmas. The gift package was a complete surprise, and I pondered who the mystery buyer could be.

I saw a large print of the painting at the Nativity Walk that I attended with Sue in early December. I marveled at the image and sent a photo to Kristi (Thankful Me) when she commented that the Nativity Walk sounded a lot like the one her church hosts. Kristi told me the name of the painting and the artist, which is what directed me to the website where my finger hovered over the "order" button.

Pondering who sent the mystery gift, I came to the conclusion that it must be Kristi since she is the only one who knew specifics about the painting. After I thanked Kristi in an email, she confirmed that the print was from her. This print reminds me that the mysteries of the Universe are not mysteries to God and that He marvels in them and in us.

Kristi, thank you again for the print, Worlds Without End.


  1. That was such a lovely gift and so very thoughtful of your friend. I've never seen that print before and I, too, find it fascinating. I think you could get lost in it. Blessings, Betsy

  2. What a wonderful friend you have. I am talking about Kristi. But the Lord is our best friend ever.

  3. Wow,that is one thoughtful friend! What a lovely surprise to receive in the mail.

  4. Such a thoughtful friend and a lovely print.

  5. How lovely - and what a nice thing to receive in the mail.

  6. A beautiful print and a beautiful friend! What a lovely surprise you received.

  7. What a lovely gift. I love your thoughts . I do think HE marvels and takes Joy in us!

  8. What a nice friend! And what a great surprise.


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