Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's NOT a Little Thing

To some it may seem like a little thing - the coining of a phrase to describe falsehoods, but I draw the line when that phrase is being used to defend a person who is officially speaking for the American President.

The position of White House Press Secretary or Presidential Spokesmen should not be taken lightly, and the words spoken at an official press conference at the White House should be the truth, not lies or falsehoods or "alternative" facts. The American people should demand the truth be spoken at that podium EVERY SINGLE TIME. The press corps' job is to ask tough questions, and it is the Press Secretary's role to answer them truthfully. Trust is built on credibility; credibility, on the truth.

I admire Chuck Todd for holding Presidential Spokesman, Kellyanne Conway's feet to the fire on Meet the Press. Every American citizen whether they supported this president or not should be outraged when anything less than the truth is presented by President Trump, his cabinet, or his spokesmen.

The world is watching our new President and his cabinet. The world is watching the American people. The world is watching the American press. Our republic and our values are being tested.

"Alternative" facts from the White House cannot be tolerated nor should Americans be asked to tolerate them. Once we turn a blind eye to the little things; they gradually become big things.

"Alternative facts" are NOT little things!


  1. I totally agree with you! 'Alternative facts' what the heck does that even mean??? I think it means "You caught me so I lied."

  2. Amen! Very well said. I am horrified at this concept of alternative facts.

  3. I am thrilled that you wrote this!! it is imperative that we maintain vigilance that this behavior is not normalized or taken lightly! there is no such thing as an "alternative fact" facts are certainties. Truth is truth.

  4. I'm still puzzled by this new Trumpisim. Alternative facts? What are they? Is that a way of glossing over lies?
    The office of President is being dumbed down.

  5. I was appalled at what has come out of the mouths of Kellyanne Conway and the new press secretary. The American presidency is not an episode of The Apprentice.

    But, speaking of telling the truth ...........the media should also be held to a higher standard. It does no good to read the news (or watch on tv) when you have no idea if what they are reporting is actually the truth.

  6. YES!

    I am hoping that the press will start questioning things instead of just reporting them. I thought it was great when Chuck Todd called her on it, though apparently it upset a lot of people.

    Alternative facts are LIES. Every single time.

  7. I am skeptical of everything the main stream media says, they are VERY upset that Trump won. I have noticed that their tone is demeaning, they thought that he would never win with their experts and they are and will be upset for a long time. I guess we are at a time when we must question everything in the news:)

    1. Citizens should be informed and always check the validity of the news source. That's our responsibility in a republic.

      In today's world it's a bit hard for ALL the main stream networks to spin the news as demeaning and judgemental. Yes, the media has power, but then, so do Tweet tirades.

      I have never declared a party and have voted both sides of the ticket. I'll grant that this election was a disaster on both sides of the ticket. Trump is now our president, and I expect him to act like a President. I expect him and his spokesmen to be honest. It's a high standard, but out country deserves nothing less.

  8. I agree with Far Side of Fifty's comment. I'm more concerned about the mainstream media than I am the President and his administration. Too many years of biased press have convinced me that the liberal press won't report the truth. (Do I sound angry? Good!). Everyone must be responsible to tell the truth. Everyone.

  9. I could not agree with you more! I keep thinking of George Orwell's 1984 and "double speak."

  10. I'm totally with you here; "Alternative facts" wt#%*! is that supposed to mean? Has George Orwell's doublespeak finally come to haunt us?

  11. I asked a Trump supporter to define "alternative facts" for me as I just didn't understand what it meant. This person hemmed and hawed around so I threw a carrot and said just give me an example. This person couldn't even do that.

  12. i so agree with you..all these people believe everything and anything he is selling.. so very scary..


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