Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Back in Time - Neighbors

Standing: Oscar Lund, Nils Gabrielsen, Barbara and Bob Rohn, my Mom,
Harold and Alma Schmidt, Linda Keldsen, Art Rohn. Seated: Karen Gabrielsen,
Naomi Lund, and Lydia Rohn
December 1970 or 1971
Last week, I posted a photo and some memories of the Circle K Extension club. Today, I'm sharing a more recent photo (probably from the early 1970s) of a Christmas dinner the group held at a local restaurant. These couples were neighbors and friends for many years.

Oscar and Naomi Lund owned the grocery store in Kinnear for many years. At the rear of the store was the local post office, and Oscar was the postmaster. Naomi worked at the store and also gave piano lessons. Oscar was quite a jokester and had a booming laugh.

Nils and Karen Gabrielsen lived down the hill from my Mom and also had a dairy farm. Nils parents Gabe and Mary lived there before Nils and Karen took over the farm. Both Gabe and Mary were deaf, but Mary and my Mom visited often by "finger writing" on the kitchen tablecloth. Nils and my brother Rich were the same age, and they spent a lot of time running around together.

Barbara and Bob Rohn also had a farm in the immediate area - about a mile northwest of my Mom. Besides farming, Bob also drove school bus, and Barbara (my cousin) later worked in the school business office. Since Bob and my brothers were close in age, they chummed around together while growing up and probably got into a lot of trouble, too.

Harold and Alma Schmit lived and farmed a mile south of my Mom. Their son, Marvin now runs the farm. I always remember the loving care Alma had for her aging mother-in-law.

Art and Lydia Rohn lived and farmed a mile east of my Mom. Lydia was one of my 4-H leaders and Art worked for Midvale Irrigation. They were Bob's parents. One of my best friends in school was their daughter, Cathy.


  1. My first thought was continuity. Things change but there is an ongoing thread that can't be broken. Sometimes it's children continuing a family business and sometimes it is just a photo. I love your photos Nancy!!

  2. I think our parents' generation were really good at these social relationships. Must be from living through the Depression, and learning how to have fun with people just by getting together, sharing a meal, etc. Just think how all of those folks probably looked out for each other (and their kids) over the years.

  3. I love the story of the people in this picture. I don't feel like we have that anymore. At least not the places I've ever lived as an adult. People are too busy to make time to make lasting relationships. Thank you for reminding me have a better time.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. My parents generation is all gone now, and it's a weird feeling to be the older generation now! Nice that you have these photos and stories to share.

  5. Brings back so many good memories...of times gone!!... Made me thing of my parents...aunt and uncles...get togethers!

  6. It is so nice to have such a connection.

    My dad lived life like that, but my Mom ....well, she was a tough lady and didn't keep friends very long.

    I would LOVE to have known more stories from my Dad and connections in his hometown. He never lived more than 10 miles from where he was born.

  7. I was thinking about you having all these photos from the past. I know I have some but none with showing the long time friendships you had. We moved around too much. The longest I've lived anywhere in my life is 15 years. Starting in the mid 1990s to 2010 or so. I swear we aren't moving from here -- especially since we've been doing work on the house to make it ours.

  8. They sound like really good neighbors to have. Now a days who knows their neighbors...I do but I am getting to be one of those "oldtimers."

  9. What great stories and a wonderful picture. Reminds me of my parents growing up in Vermont.


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