Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hook Book

Hook Book by
Saturday, Jeni (byScratch - etsy link) brought two crochet hook books to the Fiber Guild meeting. She was working on a prototype several months ago, so I asked her to bring a one to a Guild meeting when she had some made. Jeni brought two, and I bought both - one for me, and one for Sue.

inside the Hook Book
slots for hooks, and a small flap for miscellaneous
 and a bit of felt for a sewing needle
As a knitter, I have a few hooks, and I wanted a place to store and organize them.


  1. I have a few as well and keep them in a small drawstring bag...your Hook Book is much prettier!! Very nice.

  2. Oh how pretty, and very useful. I will check out her shop. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cute and clever idea. Love her fabric choice.

  4. I want one for my double points. SO so cute!!

  5. Very nice! I made something similar for my double pointed needles a few years ago. It's a long piece of cloth with pockets that you roll up and tie closed. I have so many crochet hooks they would never fit in a case!
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. That's perfect! Such a beautiful fabric. Now you won't have to hunt down your crochet hooks when you need one.

    Mine are forever slipping away from their "home". LOL

  7. Very clever. The right storage system really makes a difference.

  8. This looks really great. Now, do you have one for knitting needles?


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