Monday, January 16, 2017

Quilting Sketchbook

two favorite quilt block patterns
I don't like reinventing the wheel and wasting time trying to find block patterns on my laptop or iPad even though both have an extensive selection of patterns. If I like how a block looked on a quilt, I usually add it to my Quilting Sketchbook.

quilt layout
 I also sketch layouts that worked for feature blocks.

block that works for a Quilt of Valor
Last week, I cut several red, white, and blue scraps for this block to make another Quilt of Valor. Since this is a 10" block when finished, I made 21 with red and white scraps and 21 with blue and white scraps.
a finished block
Because the pattern worked great for scraps, I added it to my Quilting Sketchbook. I'll use the pattern again when the scraps get out of control.

Do you keep a book of notes for the patterns you like and may use again?


  1. I love sketchbooks of all kinds. A graph-paper notebook is perfect for quilting.

  2. Even the charts you draw are pretty! LOL

    No ... I don't keep a journal of my knits. I have charted out a cross stitch project now and then, but I generally don't keep them when I am done.

  3. Use what works, I agree! And you get great results. I love all of your quilts.

  4. What a great idea. I fear I'm not nearly so organized. I do have 3-ring binders that I use. I put knitting/crochet patterns in a plastic sleeve from office supply stores and then into binders under categories and subcategories so they're fairly easy to find. That's the extent of my pattern organizing.

  5. I really like the bottom sketch in the first picture. One can tell that there is a lot of planning that goes into your quilts. They are all so beautiful!

  6. The sketchbook is such a great idea. I kept an "ideas" notebook for classroom stuff for years.

  7. Great idea Nancy. The Teacher continues , again , to teach me. I may start a sock notebook ! I have patterns in a binder, but I think I want more details. At my fingertips, as in your notebook. I think I have a blank notebook I can start! Thanks

  8. Yes I leave myself notes and specifics of beading patterns...because it helps me get back on track! I love beading but IF I bead I get nothing else done! I like that last block, it is perfect for scraps:)

  9. Hum, yes and no. When I run into something I'm trying to do with committing to buying a pattern, I'll sometimes sketch it out. I've also had some decent luck drawing a pattern or block out in Electric Quilt 7. I do have a spiral bound graph paper notebook that I use. So definitely yes and no! I also need to draw out pieced backings after messing up one or two cause I'm pretty bad with math.

  10. I love this idea. I have written things on single sheets, but they get lost or wrinkled.

  11. Thanks for giving us a look into your sketchbook. I enjoyed it. I don't keep a sketchbook, but I do have a file where I keep patterns I've used and patterns (free downloads) I've found that I want to eventually use.

  12. I do have a few sketch books that I use. I need to consolidate them into one book tho.

  13. I am keeping a notebooks about my projects this year. Just started last week.


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