Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Peace Cowl - revisited

Completed Project Peace Cowl
December 2016
This was such a fun knit that I couldn't refrain from knitting more than the recommended one, four-row repeat each day.

i-cord bind off
The i-cord bind off was a new (to me, at least) technique, and I was surprised just how easy it was. It seemed to take forever on the 318 stitches around the edge as well as the 318 stitch cast-on edge, too. I picked up the stitches on the cast on edge, but some of the others in the KAL started the cowl with an i-cord.

I used a double-point needle to do the bind off because I didn't have to fight the weight of the cowl and the remaining stitches on the circular needle.

i-cord edge on the other side, too

PatternProject Peace Cowl (Ravelry link) by Christina Campbell

Needles: size 6 US

    Regia 6ply Tweed - Bordeaux (6 grams of the 150 gram skein remain)
    Regia 4ply Silk - Marine Blue (the i-cord only used about 14 grams)

Size: my finished cowl measures 7 inches high and 54 inches in circumference


  1. Oh I really like this - so pretty (love your color choice). This is a pattern I intend (hopefully I will) knit in the new year. I've never done an I-cord bind off (or cast on), so am curious about that. Always fun to learn new techniques. What's next for you (pretty yarn showing in your first picture above...)

  2. Gorgeous! I love your color combination and you've given me motivation for the I-cord bind off and picking up stitches for I-cord on the cast on edge. I'm way behind because I got some requests for knitted Christmas gifts, but hope to be back to Peaceful knitting in the next day.

  3. Never seen the I-cord binding before but I sure do like it.

  4. The I-Cord binding is just perfect. It gives the edge a nice finished look and those two colors together are classic.

    Congrats on the beautiful finish! You've had a VERY productive 2016.

  5. How pretty! I love the colors, and the I-cord binding is amazing.

  6. It's SO PRETTY! When I posted yesterday, I forgot to talk about my Peace Cowl. LIke you, I can't stop after one repeat a day and since I started on day 9 or 10 I had a lot of catching up to do. I had to set it aside to work on the Batman hats but hope to get back to it this evening. We are doing a similar color and I hadn't thought of doing a darker color bind-off. How pretty!

  7. That I-cord binding looks so nice!!... Great idea, I know I've made boot cuffs and the two edges often don't look the same...this would correct that I'm thinking?

  8. How pretty Nancy. I love it modeled on the swift. Great idea. I love how the icord looks. SO finished. Good job

  9. That cord binding looks great. I assume you could have done it with a matching thread also. Does it add extra "oomph" to the edge? Great job getting it done so fast. I'm having great success with the Hitchhiker scarf. I need to weigh my yarn to get an idea of how much more I can add to the scarf. Thanks for the suggestion!


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