Monday, December 12, 2016

Beauty from Destruction

Anyone who has travelled through the Rockies (Canada and United States) in the last decade has seen the devastation the mountain pine beetle has had on the National Forests. The tiny beetle has killed thousands of acres of lodgepole pine trees and created perfect conditions for massive forest fires.

Yet . . . the creatures have also created beauty.

beetle-kill pine
What many people do not know is that the wood from the beetle-kill tree has a unique color and staining that can range from turquoise to brown.

Slowly, people are starting to see the beauty of the "damaged" lumber, and it is being used in construction for paneling, cabinetry, doors, and other useful objects like . . . one-of-a-kind yarn bowls.

beetle-kill pine yarn bowl
December 2016
I saw a photo of the yarn bowls on the Cowgirl Yarn (Laramie, WY) blog and called immediately to order one of the most stained bowls with a characteristic blue stripe as a gift to myself. If you're interested, call the shop and Lori will gladly send photos of the ones she still has in stock - just be aware the bowls are handmade and not inexpensive.

The knitting in progress is a second Picot Dot Wrap.


  1. I am glad to know something good comes from that beetle, it sure has destroyed some beautiful trees.

  2. Yes, glad something good can come from the beetle. Your yarn bowl is gorgeous! and your shawl is looking very pretty.

  3. Very interesting and thank you for sharing. I agree the bowl is beautiful. That wood would make some beautiful counter tops.

  4. I've been watching the spread of this in the Black Hills, but didn't realize the wood took on such beautiful color. Just amazing - thanks for sharing this.

  5. WOW that is beautiful.... Brian will be VERY interested in that wood!!

  6. We have seen that destruction first hand out here in Washington and Idaho too. I'm glad that something good has come of it though. Your yarn bowl is beautiful as is your new wrap.

  7. I had no idea the wood was that color. It is sad that the trees are being destroyed, but that blue striping is beautiful.

  8. The mountain pine beetle is a fascinating little creature. I've never seen such beautiful wood. Your yarn bowl is gorgeous! It's interesting that Bill just asked me today what I would like for Christmas. I told him I needed to think about it. Hmmmmm....

  9. Very interesting. I've seen the devastation and had no idea the effect on the wood, reminding me that there can be a bright side to Mother Nature's happenings.

  10. Wow. Teacher Nancy you taught me AND FIREMAN something today. Wowza those bowls are beautiful. The wood is beautiful. Im going to her sight.

  11. Oh how I love Cowgirl Yarns! Now I need to call her about one of those bowls. I wonder if the potter I talked to the other day has started on the one we talked about? I may end up with two bowls!

  12. Now that yarn bowl is truly a case of making something beautiful out of an awful situation!

    Your bowl is GORGEOUS!

  13. We have some blue stained Minnesota Wood here in the house. I like the coloring. That is a really pretty yarn bowl! :)


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