Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Whimsical Nativities

S'more Nativity
December 2016
On the first Saturday of December, my friend Sue and I attended a Nativity Walk at the local LDS church. The church has hosted the holiday event for several years, but this was my first visit. I will definitely go again.

The nativity sets were on loan from church members and included traditional, foreign, miniature, and whimsical displays.

Today, I'll share some of the more whimsical ones; the more traditional ones will be shared as Christmas nears.

Rubber Duck Nativity
I have no idea how many nativities were on display, but it was clearly in the 100s and must have taken days and a lot of organization to prepare for the event.

Moose Nativity
The event was open for three days. Live music from many local artists was presented during the entire time the display was open.

Snowman Nativity

Charlie Brown and friends Nativity
wooden spoons and a wood-burned nativity
Bear Nativity
(note the sheep skins on two bears)
I loved that the children attending the event were given a sheet of paper with images of specific pieces from the many nativities on display. That paper was a scavenger hunt to engage the little ones in the event.


  1. Those are very cute. I've seen the Charlie Brown version before but the rest were new to me. I actually set up my nativity scene this year. I need to post a picture of it of these days.

  2. Oh my those are so cute....the bears are my favorite.

  3. Those are so so cute!! The s'more one is a great alternative for gingerbread houses...just for a change.

  4. Really cute! It would be fun to see them in real.

  5. What fun! And so clever. Love the bears in sheep skins and the moose are so cute.

  6. So cute!! I love the Charlie Brown Nativity but my favorite is the S'mores Nativity.

  7. Lot's of imagination used in these nativities. I would imagine that the children especially, would be captivated.

  8. Amazing. What a great event. I have a nice collection of those rubber ducks but I've never seen the nativity scene. One of my students gave me a duck at almost every gift giving event. Definitely looks/sounds like a well thought out event.

  9. Oh my gosh. What a fabulous idea? !!! I love unusual and traditional Nativity sets. I have my mother in laws under the tree now. Love this post. More more!

  10. What a great idea! I bet it was a fun outing! :)

  11. Too cute! I think my favorite is the S'Mores. I have a S'Mores ghost for Halloween.

  12. That Nativity Walk sounds a lot like our Creche Festival here. Glad you enjoyed it!

  13. I would have loved to have visited the Nativity walk. So many interesting versions. My parents have a carved set that my aunt sent from Germany one or 2 pieces at a time. I don't even know how many pieces they have, but it is rather large. She even sent the manger one year and it is 3' long. It came in a huge wooden crate. The intricate carvings are just beautiful. When my parents built the house, they even had a special area built in in the living room with lights to showcase it during December.
    I too love that the organizers of this even included the children.


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