Monday, January 7, 2013

Large-scale Knitting

Saturday, the Fremont County Fiber Guild hosted a Fiber Fest, which was well attended despite the bitter cold that has settled in this valley. Members demonstrated spinning (wheel and drop spindle), twining, knitting, needle felting, etc.

As promised, I have photos of Jamie knitting with her giant needles.
Jamie demonstrates how to cast on. 
She cut T-shirts into strips and looped
them together for "yarn."
Jamie counts and arranges the stitches on the needle.
With any knitting project, the first row can be a bit tricky. Alice B.
steadied the right-hand needle as Jamie knit the first row. 
Once started, the rug grew and grew. 
The black bag contained more shirts for strips
of lime green, gray, blue, and white.
The big needles were a hit at the Fiber Fest,
and were perfect for showing the knitting
process to beginning knitters. 


  1. the giant needles look like a hoot! What fun twist. thanks for sharing

  2. I don't know that I could use those. They are taller than my 5'. Too fun.

  3. Cool! They don't look as awkward to knit with as I thought they would be. The floor seems to support most of the weight. The perfect length to sit and knit.

  4. Neat! I am still quite certain I'd have my hands full with those huge needles - since I don't like anything bigger than about a #10 - but it wasn't as awkward as I had imagined.

  5. WOW now that's large knitting!!!!
    Huge needles and such a fun idea .

  6. WOW! Now that is "super-sized, please, with a side of ingenuity!" Would have loved to have gone to this... I must look up fiber events happening around. For sure there will be none in my near-area, but I have discovered there is a yarn shop in the "big city" I visit once every several months. My next trip will include a visit... I hope my credit card can survive it!

  7. Great pictures of Jamie and her project with the giant knitting needles. Love it!!

  8. Looks like great fun!! The giant needles are fascinating but my hands hurt when I use size 15 so I will let Jamie have all the fun. LOL! I would like to see the finished rug.

  9. That's a hoot! Looks like she had a good time!

  10. What fun! It looks like they work quite well

  11. I never thought about the large needles being a good way to show people how to knit, I wish I had learned that way just to say that I had! I'm envious of your fiber show, I'm glad you had a great time!

  12. Neat post! What a great way to post with just the comments under the photos - I might *steal* that idea. I can only imagine what a lovely rug this will make when finished. g

  13. Holy cow! What large needles!!!!!!

  14. What a fun post. Thanks for posting.

  15. So are we going to see the end result of those giant needles? She looks like she was having a lot of fun! I'm reserving a weekend in April when we our having a fiber show here in Va in my own hometown. I'm thinking it will be more a sheep and wool festival type. I am looking forward to watching the dogs work the sheep. And who knows what kind of damage I can do at the vendors!


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