Monday, January 28, 2013

Flashback - Teamwork

Barney and Bill
taken in the 1940s
My Dad used horses for farming long before I was born or before he owned a tractor. I don't remember the team (Barney and Bill) in the photo above; maybe my oldest sister will leave a comment about her memories of this team. I do, however, remember a team called King and Queen. I can't find a photo of them anywhere, but I think one or both of them had a blaze face, and I recall both were black. I wish there was a photo of either team working in the field, but I can't find one.

A neighbor to the west of the farm, used their team for hauling wood into the late 60s. I recall the distinctive sound of the wagon and team as it made its way up the hill and past our house. The family heated their home with wood collected at the dump about three or four miles to the north.
Sally and Sam
Bull Mountain Ranch
(front of postcard)
February 1987
My nephew used two teams (both were Belgian) on the Bull Mountain Ranch to feed during the long winter. I recently found this postcard Dwight sent to me in 1987. In his darkroom, he developed the film and printed the photo on postcard paper.
(back of postcard)
Feb. 15, 1987  Who says you can't drive and take pictures at the
same time? See you soon, love Dwight
While I love technology (email and texts), I miss getting surprise notes in my mailbox from friends and family. These notes are historic time capsules - something an email or a text can never claim.


  1. I enjoyed the photos and the memories.

  2. Wished I could hear the sound of them. Where I grew up there was a train and at night you could hear the train whistle..those are things you never forget.

  3. Poor Barney. Looks like he doesn't want his picture taken.

  4. I love it. Thanks for sharing your looks back with us. What beautiful horses!!

  5. Great point about getting real mail. Love the memories of the horse teams - I do love horses. g

  6. I love reading old postcards. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  7. Such nice horses!! And yes I miss real mail too. when I am gone I try to send the GK's postcards!!

  8. Wonderful pictures of teamwork! I'm glad these pictures exist, as they sure tell the story of farm-work in the "early" days of homesteading in our area. I remember the Grables driving their team of horses, pulling a pretty big wagon to my dad's store. They brought cream to be tested, I think. And of course bought their groceries and drove the headed the wagon back home. Wish I had a picture of that!

  9. They are certainly historic timecapsules. I agree I love some real old fashioned mail!!!
    Part of why I love Christmas, and Holiday cards!

  10. Beautiful, hard-working horses! You are so right, there is something wonderful about letters and postcards that my children's generation missed out on. I have an old suitcase full of letters and cards that I love to read over and over. It's like a part of the writer is there on the page.

  11. Those are great shots of both teams....

    My Grandfathers both used teams of horses on their farms.


  12. Superb horses.
    I agree about real mail. We heard on the news today that New Zealand Post would like to cut delivery from 6 days a week to 3. I don't like that idea at all!

  13. I LOVE the photos!!! I cannot remember the last time I sent a letter or real mail.

  14. Love the photo of Barney and Bill!! Brings back memories for me!! When I was a little girl, we fed the cattle with a team in the winter. I even remember a team being used for the beaver slide during haying season. Your postcard is a treasure!! Those hand written notes are priceless!! I'm trying to be better about sending them!!

    Have a great day!

  15. I've only received a few postcards in my life, but I've treasured each of them (I keep them somewhere safe). Personalizing a postcard like that is even more wonderful!

  16. Great old photos of the teams..and I enjoyed the postcard too! I try to send card out once in awhile..I still like the hand written notes:)


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