Thursday, January 3, 2013

1955 Diet Advertisement

1955 Workbasket
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Please note that the diet would be mailed in a plain wrapper:
some consolation since they already insulted everyone
 with the "Fat Girl's Diet" headline
The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. While the headline is not politically correct in 2013, many of the same "diets" keep surfacing in magazines. I doubt that they will ever disappear.

What's the craziest OR most successful diet that you've tried?


  1. The best "diet" is one you can maintain your whole life. I've seen people lose weight on fad diets, but because those diets are so extreme they can't stick with them for very long and then weight comes right back.

  2. I spent the middle part of my life living on cigaretts and coffee and I was indeed thin but I don't recomend it.

  3. That is too funny. I could lose a few pounds but I guess I have gotten too old to stress over it :)

  4. Weight Watchers works, but I'm grumpy with their new business model of overhauling the program annually. I think anything healthy that encourages portion control, a balanced diet and exercise is good!

  5. I've never dieted, but then I was always slender and very tall. Now I need to work at portion control, and proper eating a little bit more in order to stay slender...oh donuts I love you.



  6. That is too cute... I remember a diet... that made me real thin and sick for years... I had just had my last baby... and it included a could 'fast' days... Not good for a young mom...but weight I lost and paid for it for years... now.... life is to short to be skinny... just healthy for me!!

  7. Oh man, that is a very offensive advert! I've been lucky enough to not have to diet yet in my life, but my time is growing near.

  8. That's quite an ad. And I have to agree that some things just don't change that much! For me, I decided that I must stop eating when I felt full, and that has worked pretty well. I do have a sweet tooth, and staying away from the sugar is not easy.

  9. The craziest... a "cabbage soup" diet. I grew SOOOO tired of cabbage (which I did not particularly care for at the time; now I love it), soup, and cabbage made into soup, after just a few days. The best... Weight Watchers. It is a plan I can follow for life, and that's what keeps the weight off.

  10. Ha! Nancy so funny.

    The craziest well, my MOM had us on dexatrim as teenagers!!! Gasp!!!!!!!!!! NO wonder there are some eating issues in our family.

    Best: The Setpoint diet. It was around years ago and I basically stuck to it so something worked.......

  11. Ohhh, I do not envy your cold weather! I was a patient at the Mayo Clinic for five years back from 1999-2004, and I hated the winter visits. Often it never even reached 0 degrees the whole four or five days I was there. We got more snow in Upstate NY than they did in MN, but not usually that cold. Stay safe! I have a first day of spring countdown on my blog just for people like you!

  12. Hi Nancy
    The dehydration diet for girls who love sweets sounds pretty Scary.
    Best diet for me?
    The Fit for Life Principle. Raw fruit until lunch time. Easy for me cause I love lots of fruit and vegetables.
    A friend once said "you only have to give up two things to loose weight - fat and sugar"
    When you think of it that's pretty right.


  13. Craziest diet - grapefruit diet. Most sucessful - Weight Watchers. But not currently back in the late 80s. I did very well on it. Now - I watch what I eat and exercise. g

  14. What a hoot..I want to try that Eat all you want and lose weight diet for 25 cents! I am no good at diets..I like to eat..and it is no fun being hungry..not that I would be in trouble of starving to death anytime soon:):)


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