Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Veggie Tales

Using the empty needles from Genius, I cast on and knit the first section of a new Oddball blanket. I've named this one Veggie Tales and the blanket sections will represent six characters from the popular children's cartoon.

The sections will be:

The French Peas (light green)
Jerry the Gourd (yellow)
Pa Grape (medium purple)
Bob the Tomato (medium red)
Laura the Carrot (orange)
Larry the Cucumber (medium green)

Update: December 27, 2011


  1. That is going to be great! Love the name! I may not be commenting for a bit, we're off on a trip and won't have access to a computer for about 10 days. Take care!.

  2. I love the Veggie Tales! This sounds like a great plan for an oddball blanket.

  3. This one has a specific color plan that's going to look great!

  4. Too will be a good one for sure.

  5. i just love the start of this one Nancy...great pattern in green

  6. Cute! All the kids love Veggie Tales. I can't wait to see it finished.

  7. Bob and Larry are my favorites. I have been known to watch Veggie Tales when my grandchildren are not here.

    Can't wait to see this oddball blanket!!


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