Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pioneer Souls

Life's struggle on the prairie
East of Provo, SD
June 2011

I wonder what stories this tree could tell. Was it once a secret meeting place? Did children climb and play on its branches? Did it provide welcome shade to laborers in the surrounding fields?

The tenacity of the pioneers who settled on the prairie despite harsh weather and financial hardships is symbolized by the single, living branch on this gnarled tree.  


  1. I'm reading a series of books that is set in the pioneer/homesteading days. I find that time interesting, because it is so different from the way we live today. That tree is a perfect symbol of the pioneering spirit. Nice thoughts, Nancy.

  2. I love trees in general. My husband jokes that I must have Druid blood (and I could...) because I'm so protective of the trees. We live in the woods, so I can see why it gets "old" for him.

  3. Unusual to see a tree like that...only one living branch and the rest dead. The early pioneers were indeed pushed through all odds.

  4. Hi Nancy, Enjoy your posts and Welcome to 5 Starr's Farm.

  5. Pictures remind me of my grandparents homestead in Southern Alberta...yes the stories the trees and buildings could tell!

  6. It would be interesting to know the history of the tree in your photo and also of the one at the end of the road. It looks like a Raintree. Beautiful pictures!

  7. I certainly relate to this posting. When I drive through forests around here and up in PA for that matter I think about what it was like to be walking through the same space in the 1600's and 1700's when no one knew where they were going. It amazes me how intrepid our forefathers and mothers were. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and this poor tree...

  8. OH! I love the simplicity of these two pictures. They are just wonderful. Keep that camera clicking as you have talent. Thanks for sharing.

    Rebel Follower


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