Friday, July 15, 2011

Foreign Friday

Kimono shop 
Nagasaki, Japan
April 1980

Aren't these fabrics gorgeous? A traditional, silk kimono is very expensive ($10,000 for just the kimono and the complete outfit can exceed $20,000). Many kimonos are custom made and are traditionally sewn by hand.

Some styles have long sleeves, like the one being admired by this customer. Other kimonos have shorter sleeves, like the one on the mannequin in the foreground.

Notice the overhead posters which show different styles of kimonos.

Kimonos in dark colors were mainly worn by older women. This design would have been at the bottom of the kimono.

I didn't purchase a kimono (too expensive), but I did acquire some used obis. I framed some of them and made throw pillows out of others. Recently my friend, Sheila gave me some beautiful, silk kimono scraps. I'm still trying to decide what to make with them. Thank you, Sheila for your generosity. 


  1. Never thought much about the kimo's and am shocked at how expensive they were.

  2. How does anyone afford a kimo's with those price tags! Wow, pretty colors and fabrics, but I can't think of anything I would wear that I'd be willing to pay that much for.

  3. I have a friend who has an old kimono and obi framed in a shadow box and hanging in her dining room. It takes up most of the wall and is so beautiful that it is the topic among guests of almost every dinner she hosts. I would love to have one but with the cost and insurance etc., that's not going to happen!

  4. Wow! that is a lot for an outfit...but so gorgeous!! I love your foreign Fridays!

  5. I guess if you want the real thing you have to pay top dollar.

  6. The kimonos are beautiful! I knew they were expensive, but I didn't know they cost that much.

  7. The kimonos are truly lovely and such works of art. Anyone would feel elegant and beautiful wearing one of them.

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