Monday, July 11, 2011

Sophie's Socks

Every time I see Sophie beneath the hutch, I smile: Sophie is on guard. Made of wool roving wrapped and lightly felted on a form, Sophie has a unique personality. She is rough around the edges, but soft and sturdy. When Sophie's tag fell off years ago and she looked forlorn, I tied a red ribbon around her neck. In a recent cleaning binge, I found Sophie's tag and was surprised that she and I have been together 24 years.

The finished Crazy Zauberball socks were on the floor waiting for their photo shoot when I noticed Sophie in the shadows and the rays of the sun on the floor which resulted in the photo of Sophie's Socks.

The socks are nearly identical which surprised me since I didn't attempt to match them. The yarn label said the socks would be fraternal.


  1. I guess this ball of yarn is just not as crazy as some. I think the socks turned out great!

  2. Sophie is sweet and must have some special meaning to keep her all this time....Think I must buy my yarn at the wrong place, none say fraternal....Love the colors.

  3. Yay!! Blogger's letting me leave a comment...

    Beautiful socks. I'm glad my MIL didn't see them, or she'd ask me to make her a pair just like 'em.

  4. oh I LOVE the colors of the sock..
    so cute that you and Sophie have a long term relationship

  5. A wonderful, long friendship you have had with Sophie. She is darling! I love the sock colors. It is amazing how socks occasionally match without even trying. Yours are very close!

  6. A perfect match! Love the color :)


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