Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Brothers Grim

I think the young robin in the foreground is a female, but I couldn't resist labeling this photo "The Brothers Grim."

I made two trips to the front door before I spied these two juvenile robins sitting on the glider. It was the persistent chatter coming from the tree in the front yard that drew my attention to these youngsters.

They are learning to fly: the poor things hit the side house a couple of times after I took several photos. They should be thankful that the neighbor's cat is not out prowling today: others have not been so lucky.


  1. How neat that you got to watch these fledglings learn how to fly!

  2. Neat!! With the dogs, I rarely get to see babies so close anymore.

  3. I never realized that juvenile robins don't LOOK like robins! A really neat picture!

  4. They must of been young...they hardly look like Robins... It's fun watching them start flying...

  5. They do look rather grim, don't they! I love watching the young ones. Great photo~

  6. That's an adorable picture, Nancy; how neat that you were able to capture it!

    Spring & summer tend to make me a nervous wreck, trying to keep an eye on all the fledglings that end up in our yard. I always breathe easier once I see they can make it to a tree. I keep my cat indoors during the day when I know they're about, but can hardly do that with the neighbor cats!

  7. Great photo! We've had baby robins in our yard this year, too, and I've enjoyed watching the mother robin feed her babies...especially when the babies were the same size she was! (more bird watching done, instead of dish washing!!)


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