Friday, July 29, 2011

Foreign Friday

Cookie factory demonstration
April 1980

Baked items and ice cream in Japan had a unique taste because they were made with a sweet bean paste rather than just sugar. I never did acquire a taste for these confections.

Cookies were often packed in elaborate boxes and given as presentation gifts. These gift boxes of treats could be very expensive.


  1. I probably wouldn't like bean paste in cookies either.

  2. Bean paste? Interesting... but not tempting.

  3. sweet bean paste does not equal sugar!!

  4. When I was in Japan..1970.. I remember their milk tasting funny

  5. I've never had anything made with bean paste. Sounds like it's an acquired taste :)

  6. Sweet bean paste--mmmmm I'll pass! What a surprise that would be to bite into one of those cookies because they look so yummy.

  7. What a strange photo. I'm sure some folks would consider those cookies delicious. I guess you need to acquire a taste.

  8. Hum, I guess we aren't talking fortune cookies are we? Wait, those come with Chinese food. And, I'd try the cookies but I doubt I would like them much. B.


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