Friday, July 8, 2011

Foreign Friday

Construction Zone
Robert D. Edgren High School
Misawa, Japan
Fall 1979

As I mentioned in an earlier Foreign Friday post, my first classroom in Japan was located in an old barracks. The sidewalk which connected two outbuildings to the main school was located on top of the steam pipes. When repairs were being made, it created a surreal scene.

These pipes leaked steam off and on throughout the year, so I grew accustomed to walking through the clouds.


  1. Gotta love them DoDDS schools!!!

  2. I had to laugh... my kindergarten and first grade students would have LOVED getting to walk through the steam!

  3. My girls went to school in Japan but it was on the Navy base in Yokosuka in the late 80's.

  4. Very cool. So you taught in Japan, how great was that!!


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