Thursday, May 28, 2020

Let 'er Buck!

Steamboat and rider made from old license plates
Albany County Office Building
Laramie, WY
May 2019
The bucking horse (Steamboat) and rider have been on the Wyoming license plate since 1936. Information and history of the design can be found on the Wyoming Secretary of State website.

Information about the rider and the horse can be found here.

The Wyoming license plate is one of the most collectible plates because of the iconic image of Steamboat and his rider.


  1. That is so cool!!!

  2. That is a cool piece of art.

    In Florida we had oranges between the letters and the numbers. To me they looked more like peaches. LOL Here we have a keystone between the letters and numbers.

    Steamboat and rider is much more interesting.

  3. Folk art can be really interesting. What is terrific is that some one is decorating public building with art that has meaning to the residents. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am always amazed at the ingenuity of artists! This is very clever!

  5. Very cool piece of art. I see that Wyoming license plate a lot, especially when we go to the Black Hills area. But I never knew the horse had a name. Interesting!

  6. Very cool! I never knew the horse had a name either!

  7. I always love driving through Wyoming and seeing the cool horse and rider but I didn't know Steamboat had a name! Thanks for that. It's sure a neat piece of art.

  8. I too love when we drove and came to Wyoming's Welcome sign! Its so cool

  9. Here in Maryland, we have a license plate with a blue heron and a crab on it. They aren't bucking. This is a great iconic image for Wyoming!

  10. Yes I always know a Wyoming vehicle! I didn't know the horses name! :)


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