Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tail Feather Blocks

sewing blocks for Tail Feathers quilt
March 2019
Even though my interest in sewing has been diminished in recent weeks, I am slowly creating the units to complete the Tail Feathers blocks. I usually make one block and tape it to the wall by my machine, so I reduce the chances of sewing the pieces together incorrectly. As of Sunday afternoon, the pieced corners for ten of the required blocks are finished.

The pins on the completed block are marking the direction that I need to press the seams.


  1. Tired of sewing?! No way. Your work is progressing so keep at it!

  2. Pretty fabric! That will be one gorgeous quilt.

  3. Pretty!!!! Do I see some BLUE coming up soon.

  4. Those are lovely. I made a quilt many years ago with this block and now I'm thinking I should make use it again in a quilt.

  5. That is a beautiful block. It’s an unusual one too. Slow and steady won the race!

  6. That's a fun block!! I think we are all suffering a bit from spring fever. I need a tonic myself. Everything seems like a slog at the moment.

  7. It is always fun to change things up Nancy!

  8. It's tough when our sewing mojo goes wandering. The good news it usually comes back at some point. Hopefully you'll get some motivation going again. I'm impressed you are still plugging away on these blocks.


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