Thursday, June 16, 2016

Slow Progress

2.5 inch scraps being turned into strip sets
When I have an odd bit of fabric remaining from a project, I cut it into useable sizes: 10", 8.5", 6.5", 3.5" squares, 3.5 x 6.5" rectangles, 3.5" and 2.5" strips. Those precut scraps are then placed in plastic bins so I can use them later.  Most of the scraps come from backing and binding scraps, but others come from leftover bits of other quilts.

The 2.5" scrap bin was so full I couldn't keep the lid on it anymore, so I'm sewing strip sets of lights and darks, and then cutting the strip sets into 2.5' sections. Those sections will be used to make four-patch blocks.
Right now, I'm planning to turn the four-patch units into sixteen-patch blocks and combine them with pinwheel blocks to make something that will resemble the above photo I found on stitch by stitch.


  1. You AND your sewing machine are getting a work out! Do you randomly combine lights and darks when sewing the strips or do you plan it out?

  2. You are a very busy lady with a well executed sewing room! I need one of those light thingies over my sewing machine!

  3. You have quite the assembly line going there. :-)

  4. I really like how you are combining the pinwheels with those 4-patch and other blocks. I need to rethink one of my scrap projects because that could be a good plan.

  5. I like how you are doing the pinwheels and the four patch. Hope I can remember that. I did start cutting out squares and triangles out of left over material but didn't get very far!! You are so organized! Nancy

  6. Oh wow, that's going to look awesome! I've been trying to do that with my scraps instead of just throwing them in a pile to deal with later ;)


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