Monday, June 13, 2016

Connected Flags

Connected Flags
Quilt of Valor
58 x 75 inches
The Lander Sew Sistas adopted Quilt of Valor as an April project again this year: in 2015, they contributed to both Paintbox and Firecrackers.

Because of physical therapy, I was unable to attend the work day, but the group came through with several pieced flags, and Mary H. made some more at home for an even dozen. Thank you, Sew Sistas and Mary for making Connected Flags (QOV # 94) possible.

The pieced flags were 6.5 inches unfinished and needed a pattern that would make them "pop" a bit. When I saw the pattern (link below) on Pinterest, I knew it would be perfect to showcase the flags the Sistas and Mary had made.

Pattern:  Connected Stars by Marjorie Busby
               written for an Accuquilt Go! but can also be rotary cut

Connected Flags was awarded on February 28, 2017. Article about the presentation can be found on County 10.
The gentleman who received Connecting Flags
 is shown in the back row - second from left 


  1. This is a great adaptation of the original pattern. I love the flags!

  2. The white parts are almost like they are not there and the quilt is "lacy" --- Lacy isn't the right word, but it's the only one I could think of.

    Great quilt.

  3. That is a great pattern with either the flags or the stars. I've picked two Accucut patterns and have quilts in progress. I'm hoping I might have a few minutes when we are between houses to stitch on them. All of my sewing machines are going into temperature controlled storage. It's mostly for Ruthie but it seemed like a good idea to put the rest in there too.

  4. Nice work! Someone is going to love it and rightly so.

  5. Just when I think there are no more unique layout ideas, someone has another. Thank goodness for creativity! I like this layout a LOT.

  6. Another good one! Thanks for sharing the link for it.

  7. What a wonderful way to showcase those great flag blocks - clever! I love Pinterest for inspiration too.


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