Friday, June 24, 2016

Foreign Friday

Misawa cemetery
Misawa, Japan
Fall 1980
One of the older cemeteries in Misawa was located close to my home, and I loved to walk there as the shadows lengthened in the Fall.

I'm sure this was a family plot since all the headstones are similar.


  1. Old cemeteries are interesting and always so peaceful. A nice place for a walk.

  2. Very interesting, I would love walking there too! :)

  3. Interesting. I remember being interested in the cemeteries when I toured Austria years ago. If I remember correctly they intern the body in a grave for a period of time. (50 years seems to come to mind) and then removes them for a new body. I don't remember where the body goes to but it is recorded somewhere. Not a lot of land available where we were.

  4. Great place to take an evening walk! I like to talk to the residents as I pass--sort of like Ducky on NCIS.

  5. Cemeteries can hold some beautiful headstones. Fall is the best time to visit with that interesting lighting in the afternoons.

  6. I love visiting old cemeteries.


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