Friday, June 10, 2016

Foreign Friday

between Towada City and Misawa, Japan
Autumn 1979
I lived on the main island of Japan, Honshu (the very northern section) for two years and delighted in the changing seasons: colorful foliage in the Fall  followed by relentless typhoons where sheets of rain fell for days, cold temperatures and snow in the Winter, delightful Spring blooms (albeit because of more heavy rains), and heat and humidity of Summer that I mostly escaped because that's when I went home to Wyoming.


  1. That photo looks like it could have been taken here in my area...beautiful!

  2. Oh gorgeous reds and colors of the tree leaves!

  3. Sounds like the perfect place to enjoy ALL the seasons.

    I do miss that part of living up north.

  4. That photo is great with the autumn colors on the right side. We don't see much of that out here.

  5. I love your Foreign Friday photos. What an interesting time that must have been.

  6. Love those fall colors! Great photo.


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