Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Museum of the American West display
Lander, WY
To celebrate Labor Day, let's see how many of these items you can recognize. These everyday tools made "woman's work" much easier, and thankfully, their invention lead to even more time-saving gadgets.

Which item, albeit modernized, do you use the most?


  1. Well, I guess I'm pretty automated….ha! I have a lettuce knife that I love. Its big and plastic. I use a pampered chef chopper all the time, and its not automated…
    I Love the wooden paddle on the bottom row..what is that?

    1. It's a butter paddle, using for making homemade butter.

  2. I probably use the cheese grater the most. I would LOVE to have all of those in my home :))

  3. Oh gosh... I use my Keurig every day, but I'd be lost without my stand mixer, or a whisk or...

  4. the item with the green handle looks like a potato masher and I still use the same one I bought in colledge 40 years ago. And it is just like the one my mother and grandmothers used.

  5. I still used my potato masher, mine has a red handle! I also use a crock on my counter in the kitchen and my cheese graters. I love the old kitchen tools:)

  6. I recognize some but definitely not others, my mother loves collecting old kitchen tools! I don't think I could live without my immersion blender, it does so much and takes up so little room!

  7. I LOVE old kitchen tools.

    The one I use the most is probably the chopper/mixer with the red topper. I have a Zilass (sp?) chopper that I used to chop nuts almost every day. But, I like my KA mixer a lot too.


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