Friday, September 5, 2014

Foreign Friday

Television ad
Thai newspaper
December 1979

In the days before remote controls, the channels had to be changed manually. I remember dials and buttons on various TVs. Remember the console models, the ones that were huge pieces of furniture? I used the console TV from the 1980s until approximately 2000.

I marvel at the size of some flat screen TVs. They make sense if a house has a theater-style room, but to have an entire wall in a modest-sized home covered with a TV screen is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. Driving by these small houses with their large-screen TVs at night is almost like being in a drive-in theater, sans sound.

Did you own a console TV? Have you made the transition to a flat screen?


  1. We had a console TV until the mid-90s. When it "died" we followed the trend and bought an entertainment center and a TV that fit in that big piece of furniture. That old TV was so heavy. And now we just have flat screen TVs in the house. I held my ground when we moved to this house and didn't allow my husband to put a HUGE flat screen in our living room. It is a reasonable size and the big one is down in the basement family room which is a huge room.

  2. I love how Thai looks, it is super pretty. I suppose I understand the merits of having a large TV, it makes viewing films a more enjoyable experience for me. What I don't understand is how some people feel the need to have a TV in more than one room, especially the bedroom!

  3. We had a console TV when I was a kid. When I got my own apartment I didn't have a television. My inlaws gave us one as a wedding present. It was a 26". We had it until last Christmas.

    We finally broke down and bought a 70" flat screen --- We originally bought it because our TV would no longer support the format of television broadcasting (we only got about 1/2 the width of the picture). It's so nice to see ALL the days of the weatherman's forecast, but it's even better for FOOTBALL!

  4. No console but big old TV's and now a flat screen that fits in our entertainment center....called a smart TV and it is so smart I haven't figured it out yet ha

  5. My folks had a big ol' console TV. And yes, it was a good sized piece of furniture. I started out with a big boxy TV, which was probably about a 21" screen or so. It lasted a long time. Now I have a flat screen and LOVE it. I think it's 42" or something close to that. Anyway, it doesn't dominate the room, but it's so nice to watch!

  6. We have flat screens now. I don't remember ever having a console TV, but then... until the Knight became a part of my household, there wasn't much focus on the TV.

  7. Yup we have one flat screen I agree , its too big. seems to take over the room, yet for sports it is great

  8. We never owned a console tv. When I was growing up, my parents had a tv in a metal box with metal legs. I guess it was mid-century modern, but to me it was industrial looking and ugly. I always admired my friends' console tvs.

    I do have flat screens now. I don't know that you can even buy anything else now. I read somewhere that the size of the screen should be proportional to the distance viewed. According to it, our 50" screen isn't big enough. lol And 30 years ago we were sitting the same distance away watching a 20" portable.

  9. Oh yes, a Quasar by got such great color. I think we bought it in about 1979. It was our first piece of "new" furniture! We had it for years and years!
    We have flat screens now...we have one built into a case in the Living Room...HD I like it. It isn't gigantic..42 inches I think


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