Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back in Time - Slumber Party

In high school, I belonged to such a "wild crowd," a group that included upper and lower classmen. We were involved in music, pep club, and Future Homemakers of America - no girls' sports in those days, we were much too delicate to sweat.

Frequently through the year, we had Slumber Parties: I remember staying at Cathy, Darla, and Nancy's houses.

It may come as a surprise that one of our activities at the slumber parties was knitting, and I have the photos to prove it.

Cathy R. in background and Eugenia T.
Slumber Party at Nancy J.
Pavillion, WY
Margaret B. and Nancy J.
Slumber Party 1967
Pavillion, WY
Now, Nancy (High Plains Footprints) and I knit with a group that meets every Tuesday evening.

Did you knit with friends or attend slumber parties when you were in high school?


  1. Didn't learn to knit until after I married but think that would have been a wonderful experience. Not many people still have friends from HS in their lives.

  2. I knit in high school, but I think I was pretty much alone in the pursuit. LOL I wasn't much for slumber parties . . . I don't even know if there WERE slumber parties.

    I was into my ice skating and tennis. The only slumber party I wanted was ME and my pillow after a session at the rink or on the court. LOL

  3. Not knit, but crochet. My friends would teach me new stitches or tricks. Sometimes we'd just sit and crochet. I graduated from high school at 16 years old in 1999.

  4. Yes, we did have a wild time!! Ha. It was such a great group of friends who made HS activities really fun. I wonder if any of the other gals have picked up knitting needles in their adult lives.

  5. I did knit at slumber parties, but sadly I was the only one. I was the geek who loved things like numbers and knitting. It's a miracle I was invited to slumber parties at all.

    I had to laugh at the statement about girls sweating. My mother used to tell me that "Horses sweat, men perspire and lovely young ladies never do anything more than glow." I glowed a lot in the Arizona heat!

  6. Get this …my father did not allow us to have or go to sleepovers. WE could go until midnight, we had to sleep in our own beds and we would be driving back for the morning if we wished. WEird. He was so afraid we'd be abused.
    I think too, he wanted all his kids in his house at night. We never ended up going for the breakfast the next day.
    We, oddly enough, followed the same rule with our daughter. SHe was much to cranky the next day so we made her come home , with tears, at midnight. She was never interested in going back for the pancakes in the morning either.
    Zach was allowed to to to slumber parties …and he was a sleepwalker so parents freaked out! He never did sleep walk at a party much to his friends dismay. !!

  7. Yes to the slumber parties! Now we played records and giggled at movie magazines. I did sweat...we played Volleyball and did all kinds of exercises. I was in Future Nurses of America, The Annual Staff and a Library Assistant:)

  8. I remember learning to knit and crochet when I was in grade school, but I don't think I did much of either in high school. Same goes for slumber parties: I remember some from grade school and middle school, but not really many in high school.

  9. Okay how awesome is your photo? No, I was probably not as good as you were as a kid, in general ;)

    My friends weren't as crafty ... at least in a fibery way. We were obsessed with making cookies. I remember making a lot of chocolate chip cookies and of course, movie watching!

  10. My grandmother taught me and a couple of other cousins how to knit, crochet, and tried to teach us to tat. The other 2 are expert knitters, but I just didn't enjoy it much. I preferred fabric to yarn even 50 years ago.

    We did slumber parties too. I do remember playing cards and making pizza at slumber parties. And telling scary stories of course.

  11. I knit quite a lot in high school including lots of jumpers which was unusual given the tropical climate I lived in. It is funny you ask this question as I was just musing today that I couldn't remember anyone else in my classes that were knitting. I must have been quite the odd man out but I didn't feel like it. I must say, I really enjoy getting together with other knitters and knitting in a group on a regular basis. It's a lovely feeling of solidarity not to mention how much I learn every time.


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