Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Medallion Quilts

Quilts with a large medallion center appeal to my eye, and the Winter Quilt Show had two wonderful medallion quilts displayed.

I would never have chosen to put these fabrics together, but they make a fabulous
medallion to highlight the fabric panels. This would make a wonderful Quilt of Valor


  1. I bet you get good ideas for your own quilts at shows like this.

  2. That first quilt is an interesting mix of colors.

    The Statue of Liberty Quilt is interesting, but the fact that it is "off edge" looks odd to my eye.

  3. The first one is such a happy bright quilt and it has stars - my favorite thing. Medallions are always interesting to me too. I've always wanted to do a round center medallion, but haven't attempted it yet.

  4. Nice quilts! Where was the Winter Show? I'm constantly surprised by others' color combinations that seem to work very well, even when you wouldn't think they would.

  5. That is definitely a wild assortment of fabrics--and I love it!

  6. Very nice! Are you gearing up to make one?

  7. Love that border on the first one! Yes that second one would make a great Quilt of Valor:)


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