Friday, May 16, 2014

Foreign Friday

Public Restroom
Lake Towada, Japan
Fall 1979
This building was my first experience with a Japanese public restroom. In the subsequent two years, I saw many more public restrooms, but none that compared to this traditional and somewhat rustic restroom for cleanliness.

In this building, the women's section was on the right, and the men on the left. A previous post about this restroom can be found here.


  1. Real potties or "squatty potties"? My friend was in China recently as said that most public restrooms where she was had squatty potties.

    The building you show looks a lot like the public restrooms at some of the beaches here.

  2. Sequoia National Park had some of the cleanest bathrooms I've EVEr used

  3. When I visited Japan, I came across a few traditional restrooms, but was fortunate that most of the time, even the traditional restrooms had some stalls with washlets.

  4. Well, it is certainly better than stopping behind a bush in the woods or mountains (which I've done many times). I am always surprised by how narrow many Japanese buildings appear. Perspective or fact?

  5. Restrooms are always an interesting aspect of a different culture!!

  6. Fascinating! A clean restroom though is a very happy thing in any culture.

  7. You would need some pretty good aim for that. In your previous post, it looks like a pretty clean restroom.


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