Friday, May 2, 2014

Foreign Friday

Cherry blossoms
Misawa AFB
Misawa, Japan
Spring 1980


  1. Beautiful! I have never been to see the cherry blossoms. Do they smell as pretty as they look?

  2. Postcard pretty!! I've been to DC several times when the cherry trees and tulip trees are blooming and it is spectacular. I saw a tree here in Mitchell with white blossoms on Monday but I'm not sure what it was - maybe apple or plum?

  3. I love cherry blossoms. I try hard to keep the memory of their beauty when they start falling. Happy May Nancy.

  4. Very pretty! Our trees are out now, too, and there are snowy petals everywhere.

  5. Beautiful. I miss DC when I think about the cherry blossoms. (It might be the only time I miss my college town.)


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