Friday, May 23, 2014

Foreign Friday

Tour groups
Southern Japan
April 1980
It was common to see rows of tour buses at the attractions in Japan. Filing off of the buses were students on holiday, business men in suits, and foreign tourists in Levis.

Most of the school uniforms in Japan were dark and looked terribly hot.


  1. I love the neat uniforms. If only in America!

  2. I was on one of those tour buses...but it would of been 1970!!....

  3. The buses look very interesting too. They have an interesting shape in the front.

  4. Although some images make it seem like a crowded country, many of your images reveal beauty and space

  5. Oh yeah, those uniforms do look heavy and hot. That would NOT be the ticket in warm, humid weather!

  6. I like uniforms. I never had trouble dressing myself when I was a firefighter!


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