Thursday, May 1, 2014

Back in Time - Golden Curls (revisited)

Richard S.
approximately 1939
near Pavillion, WY
I wrote about my brother's golden curls before in these posts. I don't know why my mother dressed Rich as a girl for this photo and the others, but he clearly didn't seem to mind and was certainly cute.

Except for the short time he worked as a brick layer, Rich lived and worked on the farm nearly all his life.


  1. I thought it was you or one of your sisters.

  2. How funny - I'm guessing there is a great story behind dressing him up for the photos. If you only knew what it was, right? He really was a cutie.

  3. He definitely had beautiful blond curls!

  4. He's definitely cute in his curls and outfit. I wonder if he was having some fun with Mom that day :)

  5. How confusing for him, and hysterically funny

  6. I used to dress up my brother and my cousin in dresses and scarfs..better them than me:)

  7. Awe, he was a cutie pie! My dad was dressed in dresses as a baby, we have a couple of photos of him in them ;)

  8. I was surprised to see that was your brother! My father and his brother were in "gowns" as babies, so maybe it wasn't so surprising back then?


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