Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nuts for Pins

My oldest Christmas pin, circa 1968 or 1969
It is heavy metal, and the clasp has been replaced twice
Another one of my collections is holiday pins. Not just Christmas pins, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and even quirky brooches. I wore a different pin to school each day, amazing my students, who declared me to be a "Pin Nut."

Jingle Bells
a gift from my friend, Sue
Hand-painted by my niece, Brenda
This one was a lot of fun to wear.
Remember the song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"?
These never failed to make my students groan.
So how many Christmas-related pins do I have? Would you believe 110 pins. Several years ago, I pinned them on red velvet ribbon so I can display them during the holidays.

One of five ribbons on which the pins are displayed. 
I think it is safe to say that I am definitely a "Pin Nut."


  1. What a great collection! Now I finally understand your Ravelry username. Have you continued to wear pins after retiring from teaching?

  2. Impressive!! And to think... I only bought myself two pairs of earrings yesterday because I thought, "How many Christmas pins does one girl need?"

  3. WOW!!.... that is so cool all those pins!!

  4. HOW FUN. I love people's collections!! Love you assortment of pins N ancy.

  5. That is quite the collection! One of our school crossing guards has a "funny" hat collection. Everyday she wears a different hat. She's been featured in the local paper. I don't have a pin or hat collection, but I do have a few swans, from ornaments to figures, pictures, etc.
    Haven't had a new addition in a very long time...

  6. Oh I love those pins! They are fabulous. g

  7. I am finding out so many interesting things about you. I agree you are a Pin Nut. I especially love the rebel pin!
    Rebel Follower

  8. I've been neglecting my blog reading trying to do what I need to get done for Christmas.

    But LOVE your pin collection... a subtle, fun thing for the kids to look forward to. Didn't you teach high school? I always wore lots of Christmas jewelry (earrings or pins) but I was at an elementary school. Now a lot of them look -- too "cute" for me. What did I finally grow up? When did that happen???? B.


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