Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grandma's Haircuts

Larry Stearns & Grandma Rosie
Whenever any of the guys wanted a haircut, Grandma Rosie brought out her trusty clippers and the wild, layered skirt and got to work. I don't know whose skirt it was, but it was used every time someone got a haircut. I think my Mom stored the skirt with the clippers.

Notice Larry's trimmed locks in the lower left corner of the photo above.

I don't know when my mom started cutting my brothers' and nephew's hair, but she did it for years and the pile of used clippers in the cupboard served as evidence. I don't think my brother had anyone else cut his hair until after Mom died in 1989.

Terry Stearns & Grandma Rosie
Note: Just to clarify, Mom didn't give buzz cuts but trimmed the hair into the style my nephews or brothers wanted.


  1. Cute... cape. The Knight has taken to doing his own buzz cut. He's getting the hang of it finally (after a few years) and when I'm called in to check the back, there's nothing there for me to fix!

  2. My husband has talked about his dad cutting his hair when he was little. My daughter tried to cut my grandson's but it didn't look so great, lol. So they went to the barber.

  3. I cut my grandsons hair for years....and my son in law' I just do hubby's...and it's just a buzz:)

  4. I remember my grandmother always cut my grandfather's hair. I had forgotten that--glad you jiggled my memory.

  5. I give all my boys their haircuts, BUT I give Buzz cuts. Easy way's like mowing the lawn...LOL ;)

    happy new year :)


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