Friday, December 9, 2011

Foreign Friday

Esso Gas Station Sign
Near Misawa, Japan
Spring 1980
Gasoline was sold by the liter off-base and was more expensive. Of course, then most of the cars in Japan (other than Western imports) were small and got very good gas mileage.

At home, the price of gasoline increased sharply in 1979 when 52 Americans were taken hostage in Iran. I believe gas lines were common at the pump. While I don't remember gas lines on-base; however, I did find some references to gasoline in the journal I kept at the time.

December 8, 1979 (Saturday)
Gasoline is being rationed on base. Click on the link to listen to President Carter address the nation about the Iranian hostage crisis and embargo.

March 4, 1980 (Tuesday)
Gasoline on-base is $1.32 a gallon. 


  1. I recognized what the sign was selling right away by the tiger on it. I only vaguely remember the increase in gas prices at that time, since I was a college student without a car.

  2. The signs are very colorful and I guess looking back we can say...those were the days. sure enough a lot cheaper than todays prices.

  3. The well-known tiger logo clued me in too!

  4. Cool Signs!!! I remember that 'hostage' incident...may that was a long time ago...where does the time go?!

  5. I remember the rationing...odd or even days depending on your license plate and the LONG lines at the gas pump!


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