Friday, December 30, 2011

Foreign Friday

Misawa, Japan
Fall 1979
 Once I found a reasonably-priced used car and obtained license and insurance, I was able to move out of billeting and into my off-base house.

Notice the outside mirrors mounted on the front fenders. I never could figure out why they were located there instead of near the windows. It was tricky to adjust them.

I can't tell you how many times I went to the left side front door to get in only to remember the steering wheel was on the right.

Even though the car had an automatic transmission, shifting was tricky because I am right-handed. The accelerator was located on the right, which made it easier to adapt. I had to constantly remind myself that as the driver, I needed to be sitting on the inside of the road. I avoided passing other cars: it was just too difficult to force myself to look right to check for on-coming vehicles.

It was a good car and served me well for two years although it was sometimes temperamental when moisture got under the hood.

My friend, Betty made arrangements to sell it for me when I returned home.


  1. I think I would be dangerous if I tried to drive that car!

  2. I have often wondered if I'd have trouble adjusting. I am an ambi in most things, but I'm ridiculously left-eye dominant!!

  3. I would have been a mess on the road!

  4. Can't imagine driving there.. When I was in Japan and sat in the front seat in a taxi... I felt like I was was scary in more ways than one!!

  5. I am not sure my old brain could looks so foreign..LOL. Happy New Year Nancy:)


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