Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back in Time

Dad, Richard, Mom, Marilyn, Evelyn, and Nancy
approximately 1956 or 1957
This image of my Dad and Mom joking around is one of my favorites. Notice the Brownie camera in my mother's hand: it was pretty high-tech for those days. I was fascinated with the camera and how it had viewfinders on the top and on the side and could be turned to take either vertical or horizontal photos. Those old cameras were real workhorses, and they captured many great images. The exposed film was mailed to a processor in Nebraska. Remember the flash bulbs the cameras used? The bulbs were either clear or an opaque blue and made a popping sound when they flashed.

I rarely wore shoes in the summer and had callouses on the bottom of my feet that allowed me to run and walk on gravel. Even now, I prefer to go barefoot around the house and in the yard, but the callouses are long gone.

Two of my brothers (John and Jerry) are not pictured.


  1. I can see why this photo is one of your favorites. From looking at it I get a sense of your dad's personality and the love between your parents. Good parents and happy families are a blessing.

    I'm thinking about featuring regular "Back in Time" posts on my blog. I always enjoy the ones you share with us.

  2. What a happy photo! I too STILL go barefoot a lot, although my feet aren't as tough as they used to be, since I no longer have summers off to hone those callouses to an ideal state...

  3. Great Photo!! and I am sure great memories!!

  4. Now it that didn't take me back in time a day or two??? I can see why you love this photo, those faces tell the story!

    God bless you day sweetie!!! :o)

  5. It's so nice t have old photos to cherish. I've been going through some of mine. My goal is to get them in my Family History file with everyone identified so in the future there will be no question of who's who ?

  6. What a wonderful old photo! I didn't wear shoes all summer..except to church and got calluses just like yours..I remember how warm the tar roads were on my feet during the summer. I still go barefoot in the house...old habits die hard:)


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