Monday, October 19, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

This sign is in the Kmart lot right next to the Handicapped parking spaces. One of the clerks, who ironically is pregnant, answered my inquiry.

Yes, the sign is legitimate, and this clerk who works at the service desk keeps a sharp eye out for any violators.

I realize that mobility may be difficult for expectant mothers, but special parking is simply not warranted. It is an absurd notion that being pregnant is a debilitating condition. Let's send the woman's movement back in time, shall we.

This sign, in my opinion, is a mockery of handicapped parking and is in poor taste.

Please share your thoughts with me.


  1. I've never interpreted those signs to mean that a pregnant woman was debilitated or handicapped. I've always thought of them as a simple courtesy from the store to their pregnant customers. I would have appreciated the gesture when I was pregnant. Building goodwill makes good business sense which is probably why stores put these signs out in the first place.

  2. I think there should not be such a thing....if there is a problem in the prgnancy she should not be working...especially if a handicap place is being replaced.

  3. I would have LOVED to have a parking place like this when I was pregnant. Although my pregnancies were, for the most part, routine, I did encounter pre-term labor with both children, putting me out of commission for a couple of months. When I got back on my feet, I had to be very careful not to overexert myself. Having a husband who was attending night school made things very difficult...especially during my second pregnancy. Trying to get my daughter into and out of stores while managing my pregnant belly and bags of groceries would have been so much easier if I had not had to walk long distances to my car.

    I, too, see it as a courtesy. But, everyone has their own opinion, and I respect that.

  4. It doesn't say "Handicapped" and I don't take it that way. I think it is a courtesy, and an honor to those pregnant ladies/young mothers, who make up much of K-mart customers. As it stands, I like it, but ya know, pretty soon things get out of hand, and next thing we know, things will go too far!

    Too far, like, should be make special signs for overweight people, or short people or ???? 8-)))

  5. I think a mother with babies and toddlers to get in the store would have more need for a close parking place than an expectant one. Other than that, I think it's frivolous.

  6. I gotta agree with you Nancy on this one. A little exercize is good for pregnancy. I am all about the walk from the back 40 myself. When I was pregnant I walked and rode my bike every where.


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