Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jelly Bean

West Coast Oddball Knitters recently started a new round of blankets, and I received Jelly Bean on Thursday. The first knitter added three small strips of color. I liked the idea of smaller strips, so I used a small ball of leftover purple Simply Soft and then added mango Simply Soft to bring the blanket up to the the required length (8 inches) for two knitters.

Frequently, Oddball blankets arrive on needles that do not cooperate, and I don't know how the previous knitters even managed to knit with them.

Jelly Bean came to me on a needle that was curled and unruly, like it had just come out of the package. I transfered the blanket to one of my needles and then went to work.

I found a bowl that would accommodate the needle and then boiled some water. I removed the needle from the bowl and poured in the hot water. Then I put the needle in the bowl of water. The cord or cable begins to relax immediately.

I left the needle in the bowl for about a minute and carefully removed it with tongs.

Then, holding both ends of the needle, I straighten out the cable or cord. I place the needle on a flat surface until the needle and cord are cool.

Once the needle is cool, it can be used to knit.


  1. What an interesting post! I had no idea...wish I could knit! By the way, the lady who takes the knitting premmie blankets takes tiny quilted ones too, and I am the process of these.

  2. So boiling the water is the trick! I had only used warm/hot water and it never worked for me. Thanks for the true tip.

  3. I didn't know this...I have several sets that will get a boiling water bath this afternoon. Thanks for the awesome tip.


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