Monday, October 12, 2009

Neither Snow, Nor Sleet. . .

Despite Mother Nature and the mantle of white that she dumped across Wyoming, the Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group I lead met on Saturday. 

The group was honored to have Dr. Yalamanchili from Texas Tech. University Health Science Center (Amarillo, TX) as our guest speaker. He presented information about PH and its treatments, how to cope with PH, and assistance that is available for PHers. 

Unfortunately, attendance was low because another snow storm roared through the state on Friday night. Many members did not want to venture out: those that did reported snow-packed on the highway and winter-driving condition

The couple sitting in the photo drive over 150 miles one way to regularly attend the meetings. Their loyalty to the group continues to humble and motivate me.



  2. Wow, that is amazing about that couple! I can't believe you've had snow already. I've trimmed my support group meetings here to twice a year. I try to have one in October and then again in the early spring. I just never know around here what the weather will bring! I'm glad your meeting still went well despite the low turn out. A group is more than 2, is what I always say. :)

  3. Just heartwarming. PH is such a toughie. GOOD FOR ALL OF YOU. THis ought to be a feel good story on the network news!

  4. Hi Nancy, My best friend had PPH is that the same thing? Fortunately the many many trips we took to St. Louis to Barnes-Jewish helped to keep her here for several years but she finally developed another illness that took her life a few years ago. Take care and you are in my prayers. Carolyn (a stashbuster) in Arkansas


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