Friday, October 9, 2009

Scraps No More

I used the scraps of this yarn and the scraps from my first knitted socks to knit my great-niece's Christmas gift.

She is a college freshman and should get some use out of these fingerless mitts as she walks across campus.

I used this online pattern, but I shortened the cuff to accommodate my amount of scrap yarn, but I lengthened the thumb to allow for additional coverage.

Personally, I think the thumb on the original pattern is too short and the cuff too long. The original cuff is difficult to wear with long-sleeved shirts and coats with cuffs. See the short thumb and longer cuff here.

The completed short-cuffed mitts used 1.7 ounces. I have two tiny balls of yarn left, maybe enough for a mismatched sock toe someday.


  1. Fingerless mitts are my favorite. I think she'll really like them.

  2. how wonderful to use spare sock yarn that way. i've just started sock knitting, but i'm already searching for ways to use up the leftover yarn. the stripes make the gloves so fun. i love them.


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