Monday, October 5, 2009

Cookies & Snow

Mother Nature decided it was time to send some snow to Wyoming. This year there will be no Fall color. The trees are still loaded with leaves, and the snow is weighing down the branches. When the snow melts, the leaves will turn a drab brown and fall in a sodden pile.

 So, as the snow fell yesterday, I sat in my comfy chair and knit some "cookie sheet" blankets for Kathy.

These tiny (9 x 13 inch) blankets knit quickly and use a small amount of yarn.

Since I had several people ask about making small quilts, I asked Kathy if they were acceptable. She told me that cookie sheet quilts are definitely welcome. So if you are a quilter, you can also participate in this project.


  1. These are so pretty and sweet...just know she will love them. Hope to get a couple her way too....Have a question for you but will send it email.

  2. I do not knit...can they use cookie sheet quilts? Or are they too heavy? I love your work, the little blankets are so pretty.

  3. Hi, I have been in the hosp. with pneumonia but have about caught up w/ your blog. Love all your socks and cookie sheet blankets. You were looking for something to make for your family children - I saw a cute item on "Lullabies and Lace" blogspot. I think it was on 9/17 and was a crocheted rubber chicken. Too cute!
    God bless, Sarita

  4. Snow??!! UGH!! I dislike snow!1 I'm not ready for the cold. I love the cookie sheet blankets!

  5. Nancy..are you kidding??
    We here are having lows in the
    70s..and muggy..I do not want snow quite yet..but a lil cooler weather would be great..LOL

    Have a great week..Love your posts and all your talent...Hugs :))

  6. OMG! I can't believe you have snow already!!! That means it can't be too far behind for me.

    Those "cookie sheets" are darling, Kathy is going to love them when she see's them. (Danr you got them done fast)

  7. That looks like a few inches of snow, not just a dusting. It must be disappointing not to have fall color this year. Hopefully the snow will retreat until winter.

    Love the blankets! You know you're tempting me to knit one or two, even though I have other knitting I must get finished. :)

  8. The sight of that snow is pretty discouraging. But making the best of it (to me at least) means having lots of time for needlework. So bring it on. I guess.

  9. How cute are these little blankets....and snow already -- they're calling for some here this weekend and I'm hoping we see a few flakes but they're only expecting a dusting.


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